Hi, I'm Vally

Someone plz come cuddle wif me🙈

what's your type of guy

Hey. Idk if I have much of a “type”. I guess I like a dorky type of weird. Among other things. They’re hard to pinpoint, I think you can just tell right away whether you click with someone.

is it too personal to ask why u guys broke up? going through a breakup myself, your playlist is perfect for my mood

Hi! Yeah, I don’t want to discuss it on my blog. We can talk off here if you want. Glad you enjoy the playlist :) xx

how'd ur tests go?

they were ok, I was really sleep-deprived I could barely think straight but it was decent :)

you are a gem, like the special stones we find in the dessert

Aw haha that’s so nice made me smile thank you☺️

aw u got a new theme qt

🙈 had to, I forgot where I got my last 1 and didn’t save the HTML code

hey babe i think its cool u deleted ur blog. i think its very therapeutic to throw shit away and start fresh. but im happy u kept the playlist. ull have so much more free time now lol!!! also wondering what u were thinking abt for a tat me too im kinda doodling away thoughts abt one

Hai. Thinking about ducks on my rib cage lol it sounds weird but I’ll show u a drawing soon:)

You look amazing in your pic

Thanks hehe 🙊

When's your birthday?

Hi :) I’m turning 20 on may 23rd!

are you still with your boyfriend?

No, we’re not