Hi, I'm Vally

Can someone give me loads of drugs plz

He is genuinely the best person I’ve ever known.

He is genuinely the best person I’ve ever known.

Did you write your last post yourself? What are you talking about?

Yes I did, and drugs

There will be thunder, they said

But there were clear skies at the horizon, over there I said

And so I raced the clouds

But you can only run for so longĀ 

Soon the sky is crying rain

Listen close, you can hear the thunder crash

Yesterday was burning fire

But water always holds power

Didn’t they tell you, little doll

Every high has its low

And everything has a price to pay

Run, run, run, the voice said

If you run long enough

They’ll get tiredĀ 

They won’t chase you

And I guess before I burst up in flames

And I guess before I dig my own grave

You’re still the first I will turn to

You’re still the last I would run to

Why did you quit Levis?

I got bored of it!

Do you know any part-time jobs hiring?

Nope! I need one too I quit Levi’s! You can apply there and take my spot haha :)

Miss ur cuteness

Kyutie patootsie

I saw you on tinder!

Haha yeah I got tinder 2 days ago. It is amazing when you’re bored.