Hi, I'm Vally


On passe du coeur à la mémoire

Do you know that feeling when you think the world is against you? Any advice for such times?

Yes, I used to feel that way sometimes. I realized I was looking at things from the wrong angle. Take a step back, be objective. It’s ok for things to be shitty or difficult sometimes, but keep in mind that not everything in your life is. Be on the look out for the good things

You and your blogs had a huge impact on me... never ending momentum, thanx x

Aw that warmed my heart a little hehe :)

omg i'm scared of you. yes i think i'm scared of you. i start inboxing or send you friendrequest but delete it in the end. i don't know why. maybe the same as if i'd see you at work and say to myself omg talk to her but then abort with that she's out of your league, too ugly and fat for her, thing in mind.

hi! don’t be scared of me!! i don’t bite haha. you can talk to me anytime you’d like, but i’m confused, what do you mean see me at work? p.s: whoever invented the whole “leagues” concept was a shallow moron… there’s no such thing in my opinion. p.p.s: don’t care so much about appearance

have you been ever been bullied? How do you handle it?

no i haven’t. i think it’s important to be confident with yourself though, and know when to let go of irrelevant things or people. it’s also important to know when to stand up for yourself when needed, but that doesn’t mean that you should let every little thing anyone says about you bother you.

do you blog and answer all these questions from your mobile or laptop only?

hi, depends. i have the tumblr app on my phone. i just saw 4 messages so i came on my computer to make it easier to chat with you (or you guys idk if this is all 1 person) 

Do you think a girl has to be told that she's totally amazing and stuff although the boy knows a relationsship is impossible? Take in mind, it's hard for the boy to keep that secret and they also know each other well and date but for a serious reason it's not so easy to tell her, eg same employer. So does she deserve to hear the truth or would it make things more complicated for both and is the wrong way to go?

hi! i’m not sure i clearly understand the situation. just to make sure, the girl and guy are casually dating but it can’t go anywhere serious, so you’re asking if it’s still appropriate for him to tell her how he feels anyway? i mean it depends on the particular dynamic they have going on for them, if the guy feels comfortable enough with her and wants his feelings to be known, then i think he should be bold and go for it. but you’re not really explaining what is holding him back… so it really depends. what are the circumstances?

omg come back the world is missing you :D

Haha I have a serious case of tumblr withdrawal as well. Once exams are over maybe. We can talk like this until then! Xx